Our Coaches

Lidia Joukova

Lidia Joukova is the head coach of Club Questo, and as such she is responsible for training our most advanced athletes, as well as overseeing the general development of all Questo gymnasts. Like most coaches, Lidia spent years as a competitive gymnast. She participated in Russia's prestigious National Championships. Lidia was granted a Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics, and also obtained a bachelor's degree from the Russian University of Physical Education and Sports. After finishing her studies, Lidia made a name for herself coaching in Russia. Her success let to an international career that took her to Finland, Czech Republic and finally to Canada. Since her arrival here, Club Questo has been transformed into one of Canada's best rhythmic gymnastics clubs. Over the last 10 years, Lidia Joukova has consistently led 2 to 3 of her gymnasts each year to achieve membership of Canada’s National rhythmic gymnastics team.