Montreal Games, 2015

Questo’s recreational gymnasts are making big strides this year. Following the success of Andrea Wong, who earned a gold medal for her ribbon routine at Quebec Games 2015, team Questo continued with an excellent performance at Montreal Games this past weekend (April 11-12, 2015).

Congratulations to all Questo’s recreational track gymnasts who participated in this competition! Sabrina, Hiba, Albena, Christina and Tatijana had a great time and presented the audience with a strong showing of their gymnastics skills.

The coaches are particularly proud of the girls for performing their routines without any major mistakes and demonstrating excellent progress they made this year in such a short time.

A special mentioning goes to Sabrina Renaud (coached by Mira). Despite being only a first-year rhythmic gymnastics competitor, she came in 2nd place out of 16 girls in her category. Congratulations, Sabrina, on your silver medal!

Hiba Zarrovky (coached by Jackie and Olga) and Albena Borissova (coached by Nadja and Michelle) both finished 4th in their respective categories.

We would like to acknowledge all the hard work of Questo's recreational track coaches. Thank you, Mira, Nadja, Michelle, Jackie, Olga! Good luck to our recreational gymnasts in their training and future competitions!

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